Friday, May 26, 2006

New title

After reading over my own blog, I realized how boring the title was.
In an effort to be sophisticated, I tried to use epicure, connoisseur, or gourmet in my title. But a quick search through blogger made me realize many people already use those in their titles. Their blogs are much more formal, with sleek templates and beautiful photos of food and recipes. How can I compete?

Then I thought of the word for yummy food in Chinese, 美食, and decided to use it. It literately means "beautiful food", which says that appearance is part of the overall score for judging good food. If you've had good Chinese food, you'll understand this perfectly. Now, for those people who don't understand Chinese, the Chinese portion of the title is a direct translation of the English title. I was creative with the translation for Azulet and named it "blue rain". Azul+rain droplet= Azulet. Okay, so maybe it only makes sense to me.

In any case, I will try to update my blog more often and continue to give you good reviews and recipes. Feel free to comment and send your 2 cents!

Edit: Going back to old name even if it's boring. My cousin commented that it's a delightful title.
Not just food reviews, I also have rants pages about food and some recipes that I have enjoyed.

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