Wednesday, May 03, 2006


Restaurant Info:
Fadó Washington D.C.
808 7th Street NW

Irish Pub located in Gallery Place Chinatown.
We had a farewell party today because it was my last day at the internship program. After being spoiled on good beer and ale, I'm glad to have found another place with excellent drinks.

The drinks:
I asked the waiter to recommend a light beer since you all know how I love lagers. He ordered a Stella for me, a Belgian beer. It tasted very light and there's a nice hint of sweet aftertaste. After using wikipedia, I discovered that the right name is Stella Artois.

My fellow friends had ordered Guinness, Strongbow Cider (light), and Smithwicks (dark). I'm sure I'll try them all at some point.

The food:
Dublin’s Sampler Platter
What the menu says: Enough for the table, this favorite combines our delicious Cheese Dip and Wedges, crispy Chicken Tenders and spicy Chicken Boxty Quesadillas.
my thoughts: The chicken tenders were nicely battered but not greasey. I personally liked the quesadillas.

Oak Smoked Salmon
What the menu says: Traditionally smoked on a trivet over the fire, this fresh salmon is adorned with capers, onions and horseradish. Served with homemade brown bread.
my thoughts: Decent salmon, the capers were a nice touch. This worked really well with our beer and the sampler platter. What a treat!

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