Monday, May 01, 2006

China Garden Rosslyn Dim Sum

China Garden Rosslyn

Sunday dim sum
For a definition of dim sum, please follow wikipedia for enlightenment:

The best number of people going for dim sum is in multiples of 3 or 4. Each dish includes about 3 or 4 pastries. We had 5 people, and that was when problems began. In order to satisfy everyone's cravings, we started to order doubles of everything, and about five orders of Shrimp Dumpling.

Shrimp dumpling (ha gao): An especially delicate steamed dumpling with whole or chopped-up shrimp filling and especially thin (almost translucent) rice-flour skin.

I enjoyed their version of the egg custard tart. Warm, soft custard, flakey outer shell, sweet but not too much, just how I like it. My goal is to introduce this delicious dessert to as many people as possible. So far, the count is 3 this semester. Hurray!

You can buy batches at many Chinese bakery places, too. There's one next to CVS in Gallery Place (right outside the Chinatown archway). Once in a while, I go over there after work to buy up a few for myself. The place is also a restaurant and has great bbq ribs. One day, I will try the ducks, too.

Another item of note is mum (Chrysanthemum) tea, which basically involves brewing dried mum flowers in boiling water. The result is a refreshing, light, and slightly sweet tea smelling of mum flowers. Naturally it's decaf. I think we must have polished off 3 pots of tea. To indicate that you need a refill, simply lift up the top and leave it like so. Someone will immediately take the pot and refill it. Don't forget to fill everyone's cup when you're filling your own! and please don't spill anything.

Check out nearby Chinese restaurants for Saturday/Sunday dim sum times. Not all dim sum places are created equal, so go with a place recommended by locals or friends.

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