Thursday, January 26, 2006

Harmony Cafe

Dish: Chicken Four Seasons
What it contained: savory chicken pieces and various vegetables (broccoli, straw mushroom, baby corn, etc).
Dish: Sauteed Green Beans
Description: lightly sauteed to perfection. My favorite green beans are made by two people: the chef at Harmony Cafe and myself. My green beans involve garlic and oil and usually come out very green, fresh, and crisp, a bit on the raw side. The green beans here are cooked for a little bit longer but they add some nice ingredients, too.

I enjoy visiting Harmony Cafe when I want some well cooked veggies. I've heard that the vegetarian styled dishes are good here, but of course I haven't tried them yet. Apparently you can order vegetarian General Tsao's Chicken.

I would recommend the soup here since they have you a generous portion. It's also on the clear and light side, so it won't fill you up immediately. I wish they had more authentic Chinese styled soups but I guess the demand for that won't be so high. The hot and sour is one of the best I've had from restaurants, since the ingredients are rather fresh and not all mushed up together like some take-out places.

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