Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Vietnam Georgetown Restaurant

Vietnam Georgetown Restaurant is next door neighbor to Saigon Inn, which was a really wonderful fragrant Vietnamese soup noodle place that I had only visited once before it shut down. Needless to say, I was hoping Vietnam Georgetown will be comparable to the level of freshness.

I did not obtain a menu from this place so the menu descriptions will be non-existent.

Soup: Sour shrimp soup. Clear and yummy soup with very fresh vegetables like tomato, celery, and cilantro. The shrimps were mostly peeled with the exception of tail portion, which was annoying. They should be fully peeled in my opinion. The sourness was a bit stronger than I would have liked.
Entree: Vietnamese Seafood Crepe. The crepe was crispy and mild tasting fried dough. The contents included: scallop, shrimp, bean sprouts, and some good mushrooms. I found the size portion too small. Bean sprouts don't make for good stomach filling dinner anyway.

I may come back and ask where the soup noodles are on the menu. Perhaps they're hidden under categories for beef/chicken/pork. There is no separate noodle section which is unusual and odd. I will probably stay away from the dish I ordered unless I'm there for a light lunch.

I found the place to be well decorated and the service was good. I really liked the tables with intricate engravings on them.

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