Tuesday, September 04, 2018

2018 Summer Recap

I dug out my old canon digital camera this summer and took it with me on several trips. After several trips and months, I finally got around to organizing the photos and took the opportunity to recap some of my trips and memories. These listings are not quite as detailed as some of my previous travel logs/trip reviews but I figured it's best to be brief and give my readers just the highlights.

Grand Canyon, Arizona 

(by scenic drive from Phoenix and through Sedona and Flagstaff)
I had a great time travelling with a large group of relatives. Some highlights are the tea lounge in Flagstaff (be patient and get some of their fresh brewed ice teas) and sunset pink jeep tour of Grand Canyon . I enjoyed the music museum in Phoenix, too.

Governors Island, NYC 

(by ferry from Manhattan BMB, 8 minutes)
Go enjoy the sunset on extended Fridays and Saturdays. Rent a bike from bike rental place or get a Citibike pass for travelling around the island. Have some ice cream from blue marble ice cream (the main booth in food court takes credit card, the small cart is cash only). The oyster bar is a great place to party and enjoy the sunset skyline views. There is also a bbq near Brooklyn docks (cash only) that offers tasty chicken sausages and grilled chicken sandwiches. I had the DUB pies truck during a movie night but sadly they are not part of the regular food truck lineup.

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Newport, Rhode Island 

(by scenic drive from NJ)
Breakfast: Cru Cafe. https://www.crucafenewport.com/ Be sure to stop here and have a hearty breakfast and coffee before your adventures.

Lunch: The Mooring. https://www.mooringrestaurant.com/ Nautical themed seafood restaurant near the water. After feasting on seaport, take a few minutes to walk around the pier and do some window shopping or catch a boat tour. We also heard some live music.

Between meals we explored various famous mansions. I loved The Breakers and Marble House. One of the mansions was even a gallery space with rotating exhibits. Tip: you can download their app and get all the house tours on audio. https://www.newportmansions.org/explore

Storm King Art Center

(huge sculpture garden in the middle of gorgeous upstate NY, take some time exploring it!)

Few Other Local NY Events

NY Summer Streets (Grand Central always a fun walk)

NY Clipper City Sailing (we got a good deal via travelzoo)

NY Origami Convention https://origamiusa.org/convention2018 No photos to share but always a fun time in Queens learning and sharing origami.

Asbury Park, NJ 

What's a summer in New Jersey without visiting the Jersey Shore? We lucked out on parking both days (1 Friday in July and 1 in Aug) we drove out to Asbury Park. I did want to give a plug to the cat cafe downtown called Catsbury Park.
If you didn't want to play with the kitties (who are 99% sleepy anyway), you can also just order a tea or coffee and hang out and watch them through glass. Their walls are well decorated with cat paintings and media.
If you like dogs more than cats, you can also check out dog friendly hours at Wonder Bar. We saw several friendly puppies there lounging in their sand/beach section.

My Summer Ice Cream List

I made an ambitious ice cream list at the beginning of the summer and sadly didn't get to hit them all or even to take mouth-watering photos. Gotta wait until next summer!

Indulge yourself
  • Blue marble (multiple locations, I went to the one on Governors Island). I love their coffee ice cream but you really can't go wrong with any of their yummy flavors. Try them all!
  • La Newyorkina I love their horchata ice cream and berry sorbet and basically all the paletas (popsicles) I've tried so far. If you're in the NYU area, be sure to check them out. Bring your dessert to the park and enjoy some fresh air and possibly great live music too. 

Bring a friend (or 3) to share

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