Sunday, November 15, 2015

Arts and Streets in November

Canstruction near WTC

Ever wondered what you can make with canned foods? Check out annual sculpture competition for a good cause. I enjoyed all sculptures but thought it was really impressive to see a Yoshi.


Sunset over NJ (looking from Battery Park City near the water)

Love the color of sunset!


Street Scene

I saw this while walking around uptown (possibly west side) and just had to take a pic.


The Met Egyptian Tour

Ok, so you have been to the Metropolitan Museum, but did you ever take one of their guided tours ( I have been to several tours including Art of Islam, Great Rooms, Museum Highlights, and Art of Greek/Roman. Recently I took the one featuring Art of Egypt and learned about this female ruler Hatshepsut ( The gallery featuring her statues and other temple objects quickly became one of my new favorite Egypt galleries.


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