Tuesday, February 03, 2015

Cosplay Notes

After chatting with Ishu and looking at her cosplay photos, I’ve decided to make an effort to learn more about cosplay this year. Starting out with putting this post together and also doing some ‘homework’ on figuring out my list of favorite characters in anime and video game series (casual and also formal outfits). Part of cosplay is the making of the costume and the other part is really to immerse yourself in your favorite character and share that with other enthusiasts. and some outfits are really too fantastic to believe until you see them made and worn by fans (Aoba from DMM and Erza Angel Armor Mode from Fairy Tail)…

Characters (ongoing list / dev)

yes I realize this is where pinterest boards would have been handy for brainstorm but oh well. will just to try without it.

1) brainstorm characters (done)

2) find reference pics (in progress)

3) break down the main outfit pieces and colors (not yet started)

Self-assessment on cosplay readiness/skills

  • drawing – translate anime outfit into real outfit. can probably also research what other cosplayers have already done.
  • sewing – can hand sew, that’s about it. can maybe borrow a sewing machine
  • gathering /converting supplies – um, old shirts/fabrics which can be recycled?
  • characters – should be ok to rewatch shorter series like RWBY. but for series with longer storyline (fairy tail), may need to do more watching and/or cliff notes.
  • acting / role – playing the part.
  • photography – would be good to learn more about taking pics and also posing (can take notes at convention and also through observation of what I like/don’t like from photos).

Next Steps

  • Feb/March: go fabric shopping with Ishu (maybe also help with sewing process)
  • Feb: attend Katsucon cosplay events to get inspired / motivated / observe photography and poses in a convention setting.
  • May: attend Brooklyn Botanical Garden cosplay event to also get inspired / motivated / observe photography in an outdoor setting.
  • assess next steps for making an outfit and/or buying an outfit


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