Tuesday, December 09, 2014

Happy Holiday Season and Happy New Year

I’m making digital cards this year and wanted to put together something a bit different. You know, not your typical NY themed holiday card featuring a yellow cab, some skyline, Rockefeller Tree, Times Square or Central Park.

Welcome to the 2014 FiDi (Financial District) holiday card edition, where you can find a card featuring the new Fulton Transit Center and another featuring the Christmas Tree at the Seaport.

Fulton Center
top left to right clockwise: 1) Front of Fulton Street Transit Center overlooking Freedom Tower. 2) Side view of subway signs. 3) Beautiful staircases. 4) Basket-like weaves on the ceiling. 5) Sign for Fulton Center


Left to right: 1) Neon stars overlooking Freedom Tower. 2) Side view of a beer hall at the Seaport. 3) Seaport Christmas Tree next to ice rink.

Bonus: colored version of Fulton Center

Fulton Center

All photos were taken with my iphone on a windy Dec evening. I made the collages in Shutterfly, using their “collage poster” feature. If you want any of the photos as a stand-alone, let me know.

I’ll include a few streets (around the seaport) and their entries from “The Street Book: An Encyclopedia of Manhattan’s Street Names and Their Origins” by Henry Moscow.

Front Street: The namesake: its location in front of Water Street, which until the end of the 17th century was the city’s shoreline.

South Street: The namesake: something of a misnomer though the street’s lower end is close to Manhattan’s southern tip. South Street might better have been called Easter Street since it parallels the East River.

Water Street: The namesake: the East River waters that washed the street at high tide in the 17th century.

Have you walked around your neighborhood lately? You may find tons of beautiful and unexpected subjects for a holiday card. What better way to personalize your holiday cards or correspondences than to include photos and facts about your neighborhood!

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