Tuesday, December 02, 2014

Flute and Music Resources

creating a list for myself as I’ve started to play the flute again and thought it’s good to get organized.


NY Flute Club  http://www.nyfluteclub.org/
monthly concerts, master classes, newsletters, events listing. ensemble program and annual flute fair
Flute World http://www.fluteworld.com/
sheet music, instruments, recordings, and more
Flute Associations (compiled by British flute society)
Flute Lessons http://www.armyfieldband.com/pages/education/flute.html
Flute scales and many tunes http://www.flutetunes.com/scales/
Flute karate http://musictechniqueninja.com/flute-technique-karate/
good way to practice those scales and feel accomplished!


Community Orchestra http://www.nyro.org/ one of my friends plays in this orchestra. weekly rehearsals and nice concert series.
Flute ensemble http://www.nyfluteclub.org/concerts-events-and-more/ensemble-program I attended this and really enjoyed playing in it with other flute enthusiasts (really cool to hear the diff types of flutes). look forward to the sconcert.
Greenwich House Music http://www.greenwichhouse.org/music_school/adult_programs looks like they have workshops and chamber music programs in addition to private lessons.

Jazz Stuff

Jazz Play-along series http://www.halleonard.com/search/search.do?seriesfeature=JZPLYA
L. and I enjoyed the Miles Davis (vol 49) book. Songs we played for family on thanksgiving: Autumn Leaves, Bye Bye Birdy, How Deep is the Ocean.
Jazz at Lincoln Center http://www.jazz.org/media/
Hot House Jazz Guide http://hothousejazz.com/
--work in progress--
Listing of flute concerts attended
Artists to Look up
Sam Most
Jazz Flutists

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