Monday, November 10, 2014

World origami day Artist Trading Cards

Event: Origami Heaven, Stony Brook, Long Island
"Official" Theme: ATC CTA (card trading anarchy)
Title: Celebrate World Origami Day "Back to basics"
When Talo relaxed the rules / guidance substantially for Origami Heaven this year, I decided to try something different. 

Origami model selection:

Instead of focusing on a theme or a super complicated origami model, I decided to pay tribute to 'the basics', i.e. Origami bases! I first tried to line up a few preliminary bases but eventually decided to use windmill base and kite base for my final card. 

Paper selection:

When I was showing my prototype to friends, Wes suggested that I use some translucent paper to show off the layers. I have to thank her for providing a stash of such paper. Some people thought they were vellum and some thought glassine. Not sure which one (paper experts feel free to comment). They came in a variety of colors and leave very permanent white crease lines. I would not recommend them for super complex  models with many reversing folds and/or sinks. Crease pattern is the way to go. In fact, to avoid extra crease lines, I figured out how to fold the crease pattern for windmill. 

Color selection:

Things look good in threes so I just mixed and matched card back, windmill, and kite bases in different colors. 


Front is written with crayons. Pens don't work on the textured paper very well.  Back label is done by hand with pencil / mechanical pencil. I didn't want to do extensive labels because I wanted the card to be clean and not clutter with stickers. 


Card is see-through if held up to light. As windmill and kite are both wind/aerodynamic, I left them unattached in sleeve so they can moved about. (I like to be poetic even if others may accuse of me of being lazy here)


You can see more drafts of cards in gallery below. In order to just capture the spirit and not bore you with all the drafts, I did a bit of selection of all the photos. If you really want to see more, let me know. I also attached cards I got back from the trade, including an ATQ (artist trading quilt by Judy!)

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