Monday, October 13, 2014

Broolyn Museum First Saturday

On Oct 4, I attended my first Brooklyn Museum First Saturday. For those of you unfamiliar with First Saturday, it's when the Brooklyn Museum opens its galleries for free from 5pm-11pm and throws a grand party with music, dance, and more events. Even special exhibits like "Killer Heels" and "Crossing Brooklyn" are part of this special deal. 


I first heard Arturo O'Farrill's Afro-Cuban orchestra at Prospect Park as part of outdoor summer concert series and loved them. The youth orchestra Fat Afro Latin Jazz Cats were also insanely talented. They played right near the entrance way (the best concert venue I've seen around town yet)! The photo above was taken from the walkway above the entrance. The acoustics were better inside though. I'm so glad I took a jazz class one summer so that I can appreciate excellent improv a lot more. Check them out at their next concert! Practice your dance moves in the meantime.

Selections from Crossing Brooklyn Exhibit (until Jan 4, 2015)

Drew Hamilton Artist site:
This miniature street corner was made with incredible attention to detail. There was also a monitor nearby showing how the crowd reacted to this miniature corner when the artist left it on the same corner (check out more pics of the sculpture / video on artist site). I have not been to that street corner but now I'm curious about the grittiness (and that food truck, not pictured above). 

Paul Ramírez Jonas. artist site
At first, it just looks like another statue. Look closer, you will notice it is made of entirely cork material and invites museum goers to participate by pinning something. I have to admit that I enjoyed reading these notes more than many museum exhibition notes. The experience is similar to reading people's messages in a guestbook at a coffee shop (I remember a really good one in Seattle) or graffiti on a random restaurant/cafe bathroom. and no, people did not censor themselves. 
Some people had more interesting items from their pockets/bags. I only had a receipt from the cafe (pulled pork, rice, and plantains). Would love to see this sculpture toward the end of the exhibit cycle. 

Cynthia Daignault artist site:
According to exhibition notes, this is not just a beautiful collection of clouds and skies. Beautifully done. 

Permanent Collection

Sanford Biggers artist site:
I thought it was strange to see this piano/tree sculpture so went to have look at the exhibition notes. You have to read it and visit it yourself to feel the power and horror. 

Ai WeiWei Arist site:
I missed his show at Brooklyn Museum earlier this year but will have to be on the lookout for future shows.


  • Enjoy the music and don't be so set on those ticketed events. I enjoyed roaming about the gallery and lobby / concert area more than doing anything else.
  • Take in the view from the walkway above the lobby. Gorgeous!
  • First Saturday is totally free (not a "suggested donation" thing) and no lines (except for certain craft events / lectures with seating limitations). Check out the event line up and bring your friends!
  • Cafe is quite good and reasonably prized. Hey, if you're saving on admission might as well support the cafe!
  • Museum is right outside 2/3 subway station for Eastern Parkway/Museum. it's next to the Brooklyn Botanical Garden and fairly close to Prospect Park Zoo so you can plan for a full Saturday afternoon/evening out of it!
  • Bike lovers will love the museum shop


Find out more about the next First Saturday event here:

Artist or perfomer should check out their proposal application and sign up!

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