Sunday, August 24, 2014

Georgetown Picks

This is a list for my friend S. who asked about food recommendations and my friend W. who is visiting DC soon. I’m sure there are detailed reviews of some of these in my blog (but may be outdated). I encourage all my friends / family in DC area to leave your favorites below since you’re more up to date on the happening places in town.


Tombs (tombs burger, Tombs ale, chicken tenders, crab&artichoke dip). probably my favorite place. just watch out for lines if you happen to go during a parents’ weekend, homecoming, graduation, or reunion weekend.!menu

Clyde's (look for either the airplane room or the travel themed room). everything is good although I haven’t been there in a while.

J Paul's - good raw bar

Old Glory’s BBQ – get the ribs and try all the bbq sauces. brunch is good but really… do you want eggs when you can order more ribs during lunch/dinner menus?!

Mai Tai (formerly known as Bangkok Bistro during my school years) – people may laugh but I love their green curry.

If you prefer to grab and go instead of sit-down place, I recommend either choice below:

buy a sandwich from Wisey’s (student favorite). I love their ‘chicken madness’ (best to split one with a friend) and also the California chicken (chicken, sprouts, croissants = genius).

buy any food item (used to be only sandwiches, now sushi too! wow kids these days are spoiled) from the student-run grocery store Vital Vittles in Leavey Center ( and enjoy the indoor lounge seating or head to the outdoor esplanade.


there are many student-run coffee shops on campus but you can also walk around M. Street and find others. I didn’t explore coffee much during my student years. I would also leave bars/cocktails off this list because I honestly just haven’t been to that many.

Baked and Wired (recommended by my friend BTB):


Dolcezza (also other locations in town): good gelato/sorbet. if they have watermelon vodka, I highly recommend it. good for a break after walking/shopping/campus touring.

Thomas Sweets (also locations in Princeton, NJ): homemade ice cream and fudge. also a nice seating area.

Café Bonaparte: crepes, coffees, etc. I guess I could have put this under “drinks” section.


Healey Clock TowerIMG_0678

Dahlgren Chapel FountainIMG_0668

Koi ponds (near White-Gravenor and Observatory)


Georgetown university app (wish I had this when I was a student):

Circulator (I’ve been getting lazier and only use the Circulator to get to Georgetown these days, instead of walking across the Key Bridge)

GUTS bus. Georgetown shuttle from campus to Dupont or Rosslyn. I can’t remember what their non-student policy is. feel free to ask the driver

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