Thursday, August 07, 2014

Bryant park jugglers at Summer streets link share

To all friends / family who have gone juggling with me in Bryant park (and also those who haven't yet), I wanted to share a video of the group's performance at NYC summer streets recently.

Two years ago when I walked on Park Ave as part of NYC summer streets, I thought bryant park jugglers group would be a great addition to the official program, and worked with the organizer(s) in subsequent years to get them on the official calendar. I didn't make it to the debut show but will definitely show my support on Aug 16 when they have another show/workshop.

Happy juggling to all the jugglers (may the video provide additional motivation and inspiration) and hope everyone will take up my invite to go to a future juggling session (after all, two years ago i was also a novice, and the basic three ball juggle is definitely a learnable skill).

To find a future juggling session (free instructions, all equipment provided) in Bryant Park, check the calendar here:

My previous post about the group here:

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