Monday, May 05, 2014

NY auto show 2014

Going to the annual auto how for me (and other New Yorkers blissfully without wheels) is very similar to going to a museum. I take public transit to Javitz, pay an admission fee, and proceed to gawk at beautiful things which I do not intend to own or maintain. I am not motivated to ever get that ancient gorgeous silver tea set (which requires polishing) or that high-end sexy convertible (which requires checkups, oil-changes, insurance, and probably sweet whispers). I know most people probably use the car show to learn and research new styles, features, and technological advancements. I totally just go for the fun and ridiculous concept cars.

J. and I went on a Friday night which was decidedly more subdued than a Sat or Sun afternoon. My theory is that only people from the suburbs go to the auto show and they don't want to bring kids out so late on Fri nights. Good thing I brought a camera, some of my favorite pics below.

We finished our evening adventures with a walk to the shake shack close to Times square. I am always tsken back by how good their floats taste (root beer, orange soda, grape soda) with their signature vanilla custard. 

Do you enjoy going to the auto show? What was your favorite car?

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