Tuesday, May 27, 2014

FIFA World Cup Brazil 2014–Collected Links

Putting together a list because I finally got hit by enough World Cup related news/chatter today and realized I’m actually pretty excited about the upcoming games!

Official Site FIFA World Cup 2014 - Brazil June 12-July 13, 2014

The official site is THE place to find out about teams, groups, schedules. Along with other stuff like rules, uniforms, merchandise, and fun. Explore!

No games are complete without an official mascot. Meet Fuleco the blue armadillo.

Tour beautiful host country Brazil and learn something too (makes you want to travel)

Bars / Food / Meeting Guide (NYC)

Village Voice World Mug Guide

NYC GO Group by Group Guide 

NY Mag Country by Country Guide (not all countries though)

Global Soccer Global NY: Gem of a photojournal/soccer/writing site that was top of the google searches. This is their list of places.

Meetup Groups NY: Meet your neighbors or meet some new friends outside your neighborhood in NYC. To find your local Meetup (NY or elsewhere), search zipcode here.

Media and Fun

Guardian’s animated history of Brazil team in world cup. Brilliant and great art.

World Cup sticker trade article from NPR.

App Guide for iphone  The general consensus is just getting the official FIFA 2014 app and do some twitter search on World Cup 2014. Or stop looking at your phone and go watch the game/meet people (see section above)

Music – pretty controversial topic but feel free to look up the official album, official song, and other playlists on youtube or Spotify.

Design Collection around World Cup – beautiful and inspirational.

Too much soccer/football whatever and want to read more baseball news? Take a break with Daily News Sports section.


My team is still TBD so I need to update as we go along. Some considerations:
Home country – USA. Former Home Country – did not make the cut. I rooted for Spain in 2010,  Friends / family – Brazil, England, Japan, Germany, and more…

Placeholder for my list of food adventures… hopefully this will actually happen. yes, after some research it seems many people have already put together a list, but I still want to try my hand at it. Idea: find a restaurant/bar featuring a specific team/country's cuisine and eat around the world (cup). There are 8 groups or 36 teams. so we can do as many as 36 food outings (which is ambitious) or 8 (plus whatever the final game features) http://www.fifa.com/worldcup/groups/index.html

This may split into an entirely new entry altogether. May also do some kind of weekly exercise where I try a new place, learn about their team, and also a new destination in Brazil featured on site.

Group A

I’ve tried Brazilian and Mexican food but not sure about Croatia or Cameroon.

Group B

Spain and Australia yes. Look for Netherlands and Chile.

Group C

Columbia, Greece, and Japan yes. Look for Cote D’Ivoire

Group D

England and Italy yes. Look for Uruguay and Costa Rica

Group E

Only tried French. Need to investigate Switzerland, Ecuador, and Honduras

Group F

Only tried Argentina (maybe). Need to look for Bosnia and Herzegovina, Iran, and Nigeria. although I may have had Iran before too.

Group G

Have tried Germany and USA (I’d assume). Not sure about Portugal (maybe). Need to look into Ghana.

Group H

Russia and Korea ok. Belgium and Algeria are new.

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