Saturday, April 19, 2014

Moccafest 2014

I had a great time at Moccafest last year [previous blog] so decided to return for another weekend. 

Charlie Brown balloon from Macy's parade. It looks like it belongs in the Armory all year round.

Particular pic I liked from the gallery area. Title: Star Wars From Memory. Artist: John Hendrix.

Goodies bought. Dragon A-Z. by

History of aviation. High Times by Golden Cosmos

highly stylized alternative ending to the Little Red Riding Hood. by Ada Price.

Other Artists not pictured:
Animals Wearing Hats A-Z

Two talks I attended were Robert Williams' Q&A session and Comics & Design. The first one made me appreciate how artists/illustrators/painters view themselves and how they view art. I also would love to see his documentary. The second one made me appreciate art/print choice and how publishers/marketing considers presentation and design of the finished works. 

Check out the mocca youtube channel for event videos

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