Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Of Montreal at Music Hall of Williamsburg

Music Hall of Williamsburg is located close to the L stop Bedford Ave. I don't usually go out on Monday nights but a last minute concert idea was suggested by Vin and I decided to try it out. (who really does anything fun on Mondays!?)

We have the tradition of meeting up for food before a concert. This time I met up with Vin and Laura at Baoburg, a block away from the concert venue. There were half a dozen restaurants/bars in the area so I'm sure everyone can find their choice of food and beverage. My favorite dish from Baoburg was the duck noodles. Please beware the place is cash only (for now, maybe they can look into Square payment in the future), which I learned the hard way. 

The band we saw was Of Montreal. I know I've heard of band but post concert still have no recognition of their songs. Clearly I need to refresh my music library. 

The venue is cozy and the best feature is a bar on each floor (three floors total) and plenty of couches and seating. During the opening act Luz, we lounged around the couches on the top floor balcony near the bar. According to the bartender we had a happy hour deal for drinks. Maybe because it was Monday. Most of the crowd was on the lower floor. 

During the main act, we ended up on some bleachers on the top floor. Relatively good view and a back to lean against. 

New band, new venue, and new restaurant, all on a Mon night. Hard to top that for the rest of the week but anything is possible in New York. 

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