Monday, September 02, 2013

Outdoor summer concerts NYC

Pics from Prospect Park in Brooklyn, Central Park, and Citifield in Queens. Happy I got around to those concerts with friends. Extra shout out to Sok for the delicious picnic baskets pre-concerts in the two parks. And Tracy for making Citifield happen.

Slavic Soul Party - bringing brass into popularity again. All bands should have some brass (instead of just guitars).

Wordless Orchestra played the score for the movie Beast of the Southern Wild.
What a movie... The heroine probably wins as the strongest heroine in a feature (honestly can't think of another one recently).

Bobby McFerrin had amazing energy. I loved the part where he joined the crowd and asked people to participate. 

Third Eye Blind is coming out with a new album soon. They gave a concert after a Mets game in Citifield. 

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st2128 said...

Sorry, I'm late posting but these pictures and events look awesome.