Sunday, June 30, 2013

2013 June OUSA Artist Trading Cards

As part of the 2013 June Origami USA Origami convention, my friend Talo organized the Artist Trading Cards event, which involves 27 cards in the official set and 27 participants. 

In a nutshell, everyone has to create at least 27 cards with origami in them (no theme for this trade) and then everyone takes home an entire set. We also met up and I got a chance to see other people's bonus cards from previous years. Mini-art gallery in the making!

Liner notes for my ATC (also presented at the ATC exhibition):
“Perfect blue in 3”: A top secret project. Naturally, all my OMG friends were quite curious about the theme of my first ATC for my first origami convention. Most guessed hydrangea which isn’t too far off. I went through several drafts and revisions and really enjoyed every part of the design/production process. 3 materials (memo cube, regular computer paper, and cardstock) and 3 patterns were used in the final set while maintaining a monochromatic look. As for the labels, I wanted an opportunity to use the cat manga stencil I bought at a comics event.

Planning and inspiration photos below. I had originally wanted to write a dev blog post (similar to video game makers) but decided to at least post the pics here (and hopefully fill in the details in the future). I tried various drafts and color combos and ended up deciding on three variations. Hope you enjoyed my first ATC and look forward to future trades!

Mobile users, please try this link as the embedded gallery may not work.

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