Friday, April 12, 2013

Jack in Brooklyn

After my friend L. (animemiz) and I finished MoCCa Fest on Saturday, she suggested that we check out a show in Brooklyn, at a venue called Jack. I’ve never been to the venue before and thought it would be a fun adventure, plus we are there to support friends.
The show was called Doctor & Mister’s Loaded Capsule [site link]. Jack is a few blocks from the C/G train stop for Clinton-Washington. I only went to see the show so didn’t get a chance to check out the neighborhood. Maybe next time.
Stuff I liked:

The program

The program is made out of origami by Sok Song! He organizes the origami meetup group and it’s such an awesome group, see my write up of origami group at Howl festival last year. The attention to detail on this fortune teller program is amazing, because each part of the show has relevant detail behind each section header.


I wish I had taken pics of the hats, they were all paper creations with beads / feather-like flourishes. Needless to say, many fans inquired about those hats during intermission. and rejoice for bbq pork steamed buns (chashao bao) and beer.

Story Telling

I love podcasts and shows like Moth and Radio Lab are some of my favorites.
Sabi Part 1 and 2 (James Harrison Monaco and Jerome Ellis): Story about how the reporter found a human interest story in a Long Island antique shop. I liked the bit about the chandelier and the color changing head of Sabi. Or maybe the long walk from LIRR to the destinations.
A Play (called Not a 10-minute play)
The way the characters played with time / internet /youtube was quite clever, and with minimum props. Nudity worked well for shock value but I think keeping his pants on would have been just fine too.


I don’t understand the speaking flutes or the magical sound-making teacups, but the song at the end of the show by Rick (pictured above) was very nice. Of course I can’t seem to find it on his website. Something about she has eyes instead of diamonds.

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