Friday, February 08, 2013

Grand Central Terminal Turned 100

As you may have heard, Grand Central Terminal turned 100 a week ago. If you missed the grand party on Feb 1 (no pun intended), you can still check out the design exhibit currently as well as other fun celebrations in the months to come.

the real thing is a bit bigger than this…photo (8)

More photos in the Shutterly Album here.

Other Fun Links:

100 Facts from Village Voice [article link]

Improv Freeze Video [youtube link]

Improv Light Show from Centennial [youtube link]

My Favorite GCT recommendations:


Take a look at the exhibit and train related merchandise at MTA Museum Annex Store

Find a place to stand (without getting run over) and admire “the sky” and “the clock”

Buy some fancy Spanish ham at the Market (and try not to be shocked by the price, it’s totally worth it)

Chill out at the Apple Store (yes there is an Apple store in GCT…)


Eat lunch at the Oyster Bar

Grab some gelato at Ciao Bella

Indulge in Magnolia Cupcakes


Catch a glimpse of Chrysler Building (who needs fancy lightning when you’re as iconic as the Chrysler Building, ahem, looking at you, ESB)

Visit the Lions and inside the NYPL Schwartzman Building

Walk around Bryant Park and check out all the events on their calendar (and juggle!)

Random fact:

It took me a while to visit GCT (it wasn’t part of the family outing to NY, unlike natural history museum and the xmas tree). In fact, it may have only occurred to me to visit after the movie Madagascar. Yes, the true New Yorker movie…

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