Tuesday, January 22, 2013

2013 Resolution - Explore More Music Venues

One of the many things people take for granted in NYC is the opportunity to see live shows every single night. Besides signing up for Songkick and exploring new music from various podcasts [placeholder for podcast blog entry], I wanted to move beyond my regular music venues in 2013. To J.’s observation (and complaint), I default to Terminal 5 way too often. In fact, had I made my resolution: “don’t go to terminal 5 this year”, I would have already broken it. I already booked a show in March (at least it’s a new band). Feel free to suggest shows and/or venues. I don’t mean to replicate Nick’s adventures although I was certainly inspired by his 100 days 100 concerts.

If I count Winter Jazzfest [blog entry], I would have already been to six new venues in January. Instead of counting just numbers of venues attended, I will evaluate progress/success by the number of blog entries I write up by the end of 2013. I hope to find some new favorites along the way and maybe even introduce friends to new places.

To officially kick off the resolution, let’s start with Arlene’s Grocery.


Hani Zahra http://hanizahra.bandcamp.com/
The Wives http://the-wives.bandcamp.com/

On Tab:

Peak Organic Winter Sessions [more description here]


I was overwhelmed by the crowd energy (including dancers in the front row) which I had not expected from a free show on a Monday night (p.s. Arlene’s has free Mondays!). I was standing rather close to the band (as you can tell from the photos above). The neighborhood around the venue offers plenty of good eats pre- and post- concert so I would highly recommend planning a show with food next time. There’s even an arcade bar nearby.

Question of the Night:

What does it take to be a successful band?
Is it the raw talent (skillful with instruments, haunting vocals) or crowd presence (totally owning the space, playing like you’re in MSG even if it’s a small venue like Arlene’s?) or interaction among the band members (cohesiveness, fun banter)? Does it take way too much time trying to connect with fans via social media? Does the immediacy of facebook wall postings and twitter take away from the mystery of a new/indie band?


Hani Zahra EP for J. As the band mentioned… “we are not on itunes”. Note to self: check back in a year and see what happens. I just listened to the EP and have to say I’m happy I got it. Too bad it’s still really difficult to replicate a live show, just have to track them on Songkick for the next concert! On second listen… I really like “Tamed”.

Research for more music venues:





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