Sunday, December 30, 2012

Speed blogging food and drinks

Assorted places I liked and wanted to note so I can quickly search for them in the future.


Liberty Tavern – all you can eat brunch. I also love their french press coffees. and close to Trader Joe’s if you want to get grocery done too!

Sichuan Wok – take out place. Just what you need for a feast with friends while making chili. I approve of their hot/sour soup and Sichuan beef.

Food Trucks – I’m jealous of T. for working so close to this many food trucks. I liked the grilled cheese truck while T. and J. liked the Bahn mi sandwich truck.


Oyster Bar – Never been there for lunch before. Quite decadent to get assorted Long Island oysters and a fish burger/sandwich. Favorite oysters (Montauk and P. Pearl). Fancy place for a staycation lunch with your friends who work in midtown. Thanks V.!

Shake Shack (Theater District) – Best post-concert place to grab something sweet (pumpkin / vanilla custard) and something fried (yay fries). A previous visit also gave me an opportunity to get the oktoberfest beer. Delicious. Good luck fighting for seats though!

Pound and Pence – Best entrance to a bar ever (going through what looks like an office building). Decent selection of pub draft and some good buffalo bites too.

Wilfie and Nell – atmosphere was amazingly crowded (in a good way). I got a very alcoholic cider but it was pretty sweet too. Props to J. and E. for showing me this place. The menu made my mouth water but we had already gotten food earlier so have to come back next time.

Good Stuff Diner – more than one avocado burger. I got the one with sprouts called California Burger. Really good chocolate milk too. somehow I only end up here late at night after roaming around bars with friends. Well, at least it’s not crowded at that time.

Local West – rooftop near Penn? Thanks to T. for showing this place. I loved the Ginger Spice drink (but got it without jalapeno because I was scared of not having milk nearby…). Why can’t all places do a version of the disco fries (with gravy!)

Sugar and Plumm – Brunch place T. and I walked by when we were heading to the Natural History Museum origami tree. Beautiful place that we suggested to S. later. Shrimp and Grits was unique. T. got the Hangover Helper (heaps of food in cast iron skillet). I got the pulled pork and waffle (savory waffles are great). Coffee is also great too. I would come back here for brunch or some bday party for girls.

Mapo Tofu – Seems to be the juggling group’s choice hang-out. I liked their eggplant/vegetables dish as well as the signature mapo tofu. Tea smoked duck is exotic but also popular with most.

Spoon and Tbsp – Cute place for brunch. Since they change their menu often I actually didn’t find what I had last time. I got a cast iron skillet full of baked eggs, shitake potato hash, spinach, and sausage.

Doughnut Plant – hazelnut chocolate donut seed (think donut hole) and tres leche cake donut were my favorite. Although the rose petal one was quite nice too.

Currywurst – I loved their signature currywurst. also the chicken sausage. Watch out for the big mugs of beer though. Good bite.

Otto – Octopus was the start of the show. Fennel pizza was a first for me.

Think Coffee – many locations downtown and near NYU. The Mercer location is probably my favorite. How can you go wrong with a cozy coffee place that also has beer and wine and sweets?

Inside Park – Dining inside a church? Weird but the burger was awesome.

R&R Coffee – Good windows for people watching. I liked the Irish soda bread scone.

Lenny’s – Deli and great lunch spot. Many locations in the city. I like their Italian combo and Pastrami. Also good “thanksgiving” sandwich if you like turkey/cranberry all year round.

South St. Seaport 

Fulton Stall Market and New Amsterdam Market assorted vendors below.

Sullivan Street Bread – Get their green olive bread (most olive bread is made with black)

Edgwich Farm - Goat Cheese cheddar – tasty snack or crumble in salad / eggs

Sunday Gravy – Pasta sauce to impress your friends!

Do Re Me Farms – I almost always get some mix of vegetables/fruits. Also found some nice portabella too.

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