Sunday, June 03, 2012

Art in East Village

One can live in New York for years and still miss half of the fun stuff that goes on around the various neighborhoods. I found out about the Howl Festival in Tompkins Square Park through a MeetUp group called Origami MeetUp Group (or O.M.G.).

The Meetup event was to fold origami to include in the mural submission for the festival. See below for a close up of the origami works (power in numbers!) and the final product (portrait of Allen Gainberg, even the glasses are made out of paper). Check out Sok and crew at the Origami MeetUp Group and also at

photo 3

photo 2

The group went to a restaurant called Westville which featured a delicious gazpacho that had jicama and avocado as ingredients, in addition to the usual suspects like tomato, cucumber, red pepper, and onion. The market plate section also featured so many good looking veggies I just have to come back. Three locations in the city, too.

I also took the opportunity to walk around the park to take in the other artworks. If you haven’t been to the Howl Festival before, you should mark your calendars for next year. Art in action offers so much creative energy!

This is one of my favorite paintings around the park. I didn’t get a chance to meet the artist but he did leave his info:

photo 1

I met Sam, the artist for this work below (my photo did not get the entire picture which spells out READ): Now I just need to look into his pop up books.

photo 4

I did not get a chance to jot down this artist’s info but awesome composition as well.

photo 5

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and finally, I leave you with a peach colored rose from the park.

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