Monday, June 04, 2012

30 Days of Queens: Day Four – RenRen Restaurant

When people get “take out” in Flushing, it’s not quite the same as regular take out. As an example, one of my favorite take out places is Ren Ren Restaurant on Main St, next to the library and a liquor store. The English title is No.1 East Restaurant, ambitious title much?

41-27 Main St
Flushing, NY 11369


They always have takeout combos available for 5-6 dollars and it comes with main entrée (usually meat), veggies, pickled veggies, fried egg, rice, and soup. The style if Shanghainese, so if you don’t like that style (typically good seafood and saucy meats, meat tend to be cooked in sweet sauce), don’t even bother. I had spent a summer in Shanghai and crave sweet and savory from time to time. Good thing I don’t always have to go to a fancy sit-down to get the food.

My favorites, in order of frequency:

  • meatball - 狮子头. If you haven’t had Chinese meatball yet, you’ll enjoy this.
  • fatty pork - 东坡肉. Dong Po Pork is literately pork belly braised…if you don’t put enough sweetness into this, the dish is ruined. of course, trying to explain to my entire family who don’t like/appreciate Shanghainese food is sometimes not worth the fight. So I just order it for myself to my heart’s content.
  • ribs -无锡排骨. Not sure I haven’t ordered this more often. I just had it today and loved it. I think I was always worried they were going to ruin the sauce with some vinegary stuff (which is another style of ribs)

The restaurant also offers a good sit-down meals there since they have a nice set of fancy tables/chairs ready. The place always has enough business to fill on weekends but not crazy enough that you’d need to wait in line or anything. Most places in Flushing get so hectic and waiting staff try to hurry people along.

According to Yelp the place is also great for breakfast. I suppose I will have to come back and see next time.

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