Sunday, May 06, 2012

Exploring New Orleans

Part 2 of my three part write-up on New Orleans. Mostly a photo journal with some reference links near the end. Part 1 was devoted to food places [link to entry] and Part 3 for Jazz Fest [link TBD].

A relaxing walk to the river front and Plaza de España, where I came upon a fountain surrounded crests of the various territories of Spain. Along river side park and public art, some amazing views of the steamboat and bridge on the east side of New Orleans.


A must-see landmark, Jackson Square and Cathedral can be seen from the other side of the river. There were horse-drawn carriage rides offered outside the square. A line of tarot readers and artists spread out their tables/booths outside the Cathedral. When we walked around this area later at night, the glow from the candles of tarot readers’ tables make up a mysterious atmosphere.

The New Orleans Street Cars are everywhere, especially on Canal St, linking up downtown with other landmarks and attractions. The St. Charles Street Cars are army green whereas the others are red like the ones in the photo below. For $3 (as of May 2012), you can buy a day pass that gives you unlimited rides on street cars and buses.

French Market consists of various markets/shops/and nice looking streets. I don’t have too many photos because it’s a sight to be experienced. However, I did capture this whimsical fountain with a jazz band. New Orleans has many fountains, which is a great find for me. I had started collecting fountain photos in NY and now am on the lookout for all fountains in places I visit in the world.

One tourist tip everyone mentioned was to take the free Ferry to Algiers (from Canal St) and you’ll find fabulous views of New Orleans. I’ve included a few photos from my ferry ride.

Below is a photo souvenir for T., who was always fascinated with Absinthe. We went to the Southern Food and Beverage museum, which had a small but well-put together cocktail exhibit.

On the final night of New Orleans, a girl on the Street Car gifted me a single sunflower which I managed to put onto my hat. I brought it to Spanish Fountain to end our trip of New Orleans on a sweet note.

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