Monday, September 13, 2010

Hoboken Day Trip

I’ve been to Hoboken before but only in the evening. Since the popularity of Cake Boss on TLC, J. and I decided to check out the city on one of the sunnier days.

Carlos Bakery [website] - Long line aside (I was told once school starts again, the lines get shorter), the desserts are tasty. I was lucky to find the Rita’s so I could have something to cool us off during a hot afternoon of standing in line.


Pier A Park [wiki] – full of active people on a Sunday morning. Take a stroll by the river and enjoy the lush green lawn and NYC skyline. Perfect for photos! Also beautiful at night if I remember correctly from previous visits.


Stevens Institute of Technology [website] – Short walk from the PATH station, you can find this small yet beautiful campus overlooking the downtown NYC skyline.


Oddfellows [website] – Across from the street from PATH station, next to Texas Arizona. Cajun themed food. I had a chicken and sausage jambalaya that was so packed full of flavor I had to down a cup of water or two. The portion was definitely enough to feed a family of four or something. Will come back here when it’s evening since lunch was empty. Then again, it was Sunday…


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