Friday, November 06, 2009

Pound & Pence Pub

So I went to this pub with coworkers to celebrate someone's birthday. When the waitress came around to take drink orders, I asked her about the draft list and ordered a draft London Pride (excellent by the way). Next thing I know, people are asking me why I'm drinking dark beer. Maybe I haven't been paying attention, but apparently girls don't drink beers (even at a pub?), let alone dark beers. I look around and take in other women's orders: red wine (classy, especially with a smart dress), tea (they serve it in a small teapot, wow), and some other cocktails that I don't know the names of, and probably has some kind of fruity taste. I finally explained that I'm just more used to beers and that I don't know much about wine outside of merlot. Light beer is too light for me and Guinness is too foamy for me. and I haven't developed a taste for anything sweet (although my cousin did buy a case of Mike's Lemonade once...and after we went through it in a month I'd sworn off it forever).

Pound & Pence

55 Liberty St.
Between Nassau & Broadway
New York, NY 10005

My drink preference:
Yay List 
any IPA, Brooklyn Lager, Brooklyn Oktoberfest, gin straight, gin&tonic, Bass, Smithwicks, Becks, high grade tequila, Sam Adams Regular, sherry (extra dry), port, cognac

Nay List
Bud, Corona, TsingTao (this is almost unavoidable at a Chinese restaurant but oh well), vodka (unavoidable at most parties and in most cocktails...argh), margaritas (I don't know why I never cared for them, esp salt rim and umbrella), rum and most rum cocktails. there's probably a huge list of sweet drinks here...most flavored vodkas and rums.

Fav Non-alcoholic
cranberry juice (it looks pretty! Hot Fuzz reference, anyone?), fruit juice with seltzer, coke (yup, I don't care what people say, it's good), coffee and baileys (o's a bit alcoholic).

The above list may make me out to be an alcoholic but the reality of the matter is, I was just lucky to try a variety of drinks out of curiosity on different occasions. I'm still looking for that perfect, safe drink to get when I go to a bar and can't decide what I want. Until then, more experimentation!

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