Sunday, October 11, 2009

Glee Songs

Finally caught up with all the Glee episodes. Don't you hate watching the newest episode (after skipping two eps) and then finally watching the ones you missed? Luckily there hasn't been too many eps.

My comments/observations:
//Fav Female lead - either Sue (yea, weird right? she's just hilarious) or Rachel (when she's not going all puppy eyed for Finn)
//Least Fav Female lead - Quinn (she needs more story. right now she's just...ugh). and maybe Will's wife.
//Fav Male character - Kurt, Will (when he's not being manipulated by the wife) or Finn (when he's not all horndog and can't figure if he wants Rachel or Quinn or all the girls on the cheer squad)
//Least Fav Male lead - the crazy musical director...can't remember his name.
//Fav Song - Rehab, Gold Digger, Mercy, god there are so many good ones. Listen to them in the song list link below.

Some good links:
Wiki list of episodes:
Song List (includes previews):
Glee on Hulu (catch up on the episodes you missed!)

I just need to find a good blog for the show now....Let me know if you know any good ones!

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