Friday, August 28, 2009

Radio Stations

With ipod, itunes and xm radio, sometimes we forget there's real radio out there. I find that especially in metro areas like NY and DC, where people tend to take public transit without radio signal, people do not get to listen to the radio as much.

The good thing is, most of the regular radio stations today have an online radio program too. I want to share some of my favorites in the NY/NJ metro area. You can listen to them by turning to the dial or online:

//101.9 RXP. Rock/Alternative (web) Probably my favorite station. You can also call in for requests. Depending on the hour, you will hear great rock classics or new hits. I found out about many new rock acts through this station (Kings of Leon, Silversun Pickups, etc). Also one of the only channels that will reliably play Smashing Pumpkins. Go Pumpkins!
//93.9 WNYC. NPR/News/Classical Music (web) I almost wish I drive a car to work so I can listen to the morning news on this channel.
//105.9 WQXR. Classical Music (web)
//Alternate Side. Indie/Alternative/Local (online only) I found out about this channel through WFUV 90.3. Amazing music and features local bands too. More on the indie/college radio side. If you're not in touch with the local scene you'll probably feel lost listening to this channel. But it's also a good place to pick up new and music you won't hear anywhere else.
//100.3 Z100. Hits/Top 40. (web) Although people complain that Z100 is too repetitive, it's actually my first exposure to "pop". For that reason, it'll always be special. If you ever feel out of loop, tune to Z100 for a few hours, you'll be singing the Top40 in no time.
//103.5 KTU. More Upbeat/Dance Top40. (web) If you don't hear Britney and Lady Gaga within an hour, you should probably check your dial.
//92.3 NOW. More HipHop/R&B/Top 40. (web

Nowadays radio is getting too complicated. I actually use an oldschool radio where you have to turn a dial to scan the different channels. It's much more efficient. and trust me, I have the dials memorized by location (without digital displays). I also recommend a portable radio (maybe part of an old alarmclock that nobody uses) that you can move to various rooms with ease. You can listen at the dining table or while you cook. You can listen while you fold laundry. You can also listen while you're surfing the internet and blogging. (I'm listening to 101.9 rxp on my alarm radio as I write this. they played the new Weezer single so I'm happy).

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