Friday, July 10, 2009

One Night Only

You & Me

People say I only hear what I want to
That much is true
People say I only see what I want to
So why do I see you

You and me equality
That’s how it should be you and me

People say I creep you out
No understanding no cash in hand
But all I see is apparently
What do they know about you and me

Lover just maybe come over jack it up

The lyrics may not strike you at first but the music is great. Go check it out on their myspace site. I found this band called One Night Only after humming the song from the Ashton Kutcher movie trailer (Spread, I think?) At first, I thought they sounded like the Kooks (must be the British accent?). Obviously after listening to more of their songs, I noticed the two bands are totally differnet. Anyway, since they're indie, I can't even find their music anywhere. They're listed in the UK Itunes, does that mean I can buy the mp3s if I'm willing to shell out pounds?

There was a youtube video on their myspace where they performed for Burberry in NYC and toured the city. Isn't it interesting to see NYC through the eyes of young people from outside the U.S.? I'm sure they are not being stopped in the streets by crazy mobs yet. I hope they do decide to cross the pond at some point though. Would love to see them live!

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