Monday, April 27, 2009

Green and Purple

Miso sauce/dressing recipe from link
-grated ginger
-garlic, mashed or chopped fined
-honey (recipe used maple syrup, which I didn't have)
-lemon juice
-Chinese rice wine 
-white miso
Just mix above together (I didn't include ratio because it's really to taste) then toss with salad or pour onto cooked greens/veggies. I used cooked Chinese mustard greens. This sauce is like the salad dressing a lot of Japanese places have in their appetizer salad. Yay for miso.

Sweet and Sour Flavored Eggplant from link
-2 eggplants
-tbsp salt 
-tbsp or more sugar
-tbsp or more of chicken stock (i didn't have dashi)
-tbsp rice vinegar
-oil for frying
-sesame oil (optional, for final presentation)
1. cut eggplant into small chunks, soak in salt water while preparing for sauce. 
2. mix sugar, stock, and rice vinegar together, set aside.
3. drain eggplants, heat up oil in pan and stir fry eggplant
4. After a few min., pour sauce mixture into pan. let simmer for a few minutes until liquid is almost gone.
5. Serve with a bit of sesame oil and sesame seeds if desired. otherwise it's good as is. 

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