Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Media of all sorts

I've been catching up on a lot of online media instead of doing anything food related. Perhaps I should change my blog name again to something less narrow.

Alternate Side is the WFUV's Alternative/Indie Station. Pretty Cool, definitely give it a listen. Before you know it you will be able to pick up on all the music NYers rave about. Most of those bands also show up at various concert venues in NYC so that's a plus. Of course, I always have so much trouble convincing friends to go with me since the bands are not that mainstream yet.

SXSW is the biggest thing where tech/music/twitter/media go crazy.
So far I've listened to Heartless Bastards and Decemberists and loved both. So much to look forward to in the summer! Maybe some of those artists will swing by a free summer concert!

New music finds:
//federico aubele http://www.myspace.com/aubele found him from the Wheelman game site of all places. awesome acoustic guitar. would love to see him live (upcoming show in may)
//charlie hunter http://www.charliehunter.com/ I can't remember how I found him. maybe on gothamist or lmagazine. jazz.
// asteroid galaxy tour http://www.theasteroidsgalaxytour.com/# You probably know them from an ipod commercial a while ago. I found them separately and then realized they did an ipod commercial. very bouncy feel good music that doesn't sound like bubblegum.

The Digg guys held a live show at SXSW that was pretty fun.

Who knew Funimation could afford to put up 20 episodes of Ouran High School Host Club online? I breezed through them and had to find the rest of the series elsewhere. Still can't decide whether I had a favorite character or whether I cared for the ending.

DSLite - I just finished the fourth Ace Attorney Game. What a trip. If you like the series, be sure to visit http://www.court-records.net/ This fansite has a lot of materials, official and fanmade. The forum is also rather active and people are very talented. The remixes and spirites are just awesome.

PS3 - While unlocking Wipeout HD levels is quite an experience, I have to say I'm really drawn to it because it's so damn pretty. Some elements remind me of podracing from Star Wars Ep1. After trying Wheelman demo I've decided that while Vin Diesel makes good action movies (hey, I'm definitely going to see the Fast & Furious 4 movie, huge F&F fan), he makes even better action games. Imagine beautiful Barcelona, hot cars, and Vin Diesel driving (and jumping) cars. The driving controls were very smooth, I'm still getting the hang of the specifics such as shooting and targeting while driving. Oh and I have to say the soundtrack is quite spectacular. Perhaps I'm kind of sick of hiphop music for driving games (not that I don't love GTA sountracks, mind you) and wanted a change of pace and some nice acoustic guitar is just the key.

Speaking of GTA, I finally cracked open my roommate's copy of GTA4 and gave it a spin. Clearly, I'm not meant for driving games. How I managed to spend more than 2 minutes backing out to drive home (first driving mission....) and then getting on the cops bad side after failing traffic laws (what, you have to wait for a green light?) is beyond me. After stumbling and coming out of the hopsital a few times, I finally successfully got my first date's number and some nice clothes (arg sunglasses were beyond my budget!) I can see why people like this game. Liberty City is much prettier and much more friendly for driving. The radio presets are life-like and enjoyable.

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