Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Boston Seafood

755 Boylston Street
Boston, MA 02116

Atlantic Fish
761 Boylston Street
Boston, MA 02116

Related post (link) was my previous trip to Boston and I had such a good time at Atlantic Fish that I wanted to take more people to the restaurant. It just happened that they were under renovation so we went next door to VOX which was great too.

//how do you lose when you're across from the convention center? very nice inside. we were probably underdressed but hey...everyone loves tourists right? I didn't get a drink but they had a number of good beer on tap (now i regret not getting anything...beer in Boston is soooo good. well there's always my next trip I suppose.)

//clam chowder: while it's still better than the chowder I've had outside Boston, I think I liked the chowder from Atlantic Fish better. Or maybe it's hard to compare since I've had Atlantic Fish first. My travel companions really enjoyed it though.
//calamari: am I the only one surprised that this didn't come with marinara sauce? anyway, I did really like the pickled peppers that came with the dish though. Something really nice about sour flavors and seafood...kind of like how I really like salt n vinegar chips, or fish n chips with malt vinegar. I have had better calamari though...so it was slightly disappointing.
//crab cake: my travel buddies liked it but I wasn't too crazy about it. I wasn't even crazy about it when I was in the DC/MA area. So I don't claim to be a crab cake expert.

//yellowfin tuna with cous cous: you can't go wrong with tuna. and the cous cous was one that i liked (usually not a fan)
//halibut: really flavorful. now that i re-read the menu i noticed it came with lobster potato and shitake mushroom (no wonder why it was so packed with flavor!)
//mussels: I miss my French style mussels...otherwise this was fine I guess.
//grilled salmon: possibly the most healthy thing on the menu. I usually don't like salmon unless it's smoked but this salmon was surprisingly tasty. It probably had to do with the way they cooked it.

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