Saturday, July 05, 2008

Scoops Ice Creamery

2014 US Highway 22
Scotch Plains, NJ 07076

This place was open on 4th of July until 10pm. Needless to say, I was impressed and felt sorry for the high schoolers working the shop. Sigh, those fond memories of working in an ice cream shop during the summer...If you've ever worked on the other side of the counter, you know how fun and scary it can be. Please be nice to the ice cream shop kids, sure they get free ice cream, but they have to stand on their feet all day and they are probably developing arm muscles aches and unhealthy high tolerance for the freezer while making the perfect scoop with toppings or what have you.

Anyway, I digress. Let's just get on with the food.

Ice Cream
//smurf: blueberry ice cream with marshmallows. I wonder if I should get extra marshmallow topping next time? Go for the overdose! Or maybe...sneak in my own lucky charm colored marshmallows.
//cookies n cream with crushed oreos. before I say anything, I have to mention this place had 4 kinds of oreo ice cream flavors. They have the regular cookies n cream. Then they have mint oreo (very common as well). And in addition they have chocolate oreo and coffee oreo. In conclusion, this is probably my new favorite ice cream place ever (yay oreos). You really can't go wrong with oreos. For my birthday I want an ice cream cake made from all four kinds of oreos. It'd be 1/4 of each. I don't mind if they have to use a divider or something to make it. Or maybe we can do a layered cake with 4 layers of different flavors.

//The ice cream shop girl gave me a generous scoop (what you call that a small?! crazy...probably enough to be two scoops) and a generous helping of crushed oreos. So generous they were falling out of the cup and I had trouble pushing it into the ice cream before eating.

Friendly atmosphere and outdoor benches, even a nice patio (for summer days probably). Besides a small spelling error on the flavor (well they missed an "o" in chocolate but I guess that's no big deal), I had no trouble deciphering the many flavors that they have. The glowing neon orange sherbet is tempting, maybe next time?

So since it was 4th of July, you'd think we'd spot some local town fireworks. While eating ice cream on the bench outside the shop, we heard some loud sparklers and saw fireworks coming out of people's backyard. I was more concerned for the neighborhood trees than the person lighting them. While it wasn't pretty or legal as Macy's fireworks, we did get our fireworks despite the rain and fear for explosions. Funny how things work out.

//Why do I love fireworks?
-loud (probably most important element of fireworks, that's why watching them on tv is not quite the same)
-colors (so pretty!)
-special occassion (ok, so Disney World is a bit of an overkill doing it every night, but excluding Disney, you know it's special when fireworks go off)
-scenary (city, stadium, mountain, water). Fireworks near city skyline and water are the best. I've seen ones near Niagra Falls that were quite stunning.
-people. If you're watching it from a dark place, you will watch people's faces and eyes light up when the fireworks go off. It's cheesy romantic but the lighting really works.

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