Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Boston Wrap Up

Clearly I've been slacking on the updates...

Quick notes for one day when inspiration hits and I get organized with the contact info and so on.

GO (St. Mark's, awesome plum riceballs and vinegared sashimi)
Riceball Omusubi (near Grand Central, plum riceballs are good but not quite GO quality...or I'm just picky about my plum riceballs. they offer a punch card for riceballs...I have to go back!)
TONY's (yay for seafood linguini, nay for Italian beer, yay for passionfruit sorbet, still weird in Time Sq. and full of tourists though).
Suba (tasting menu is amazing, Spanish ham and "Napoleon" sherry are my two new loves, bring a lot of appetite. One of the desserts had ice cream with a sweet liquor. Another cool tapa was a bunch of wings stuffed with chorizo.)
Arties (pickled tomatoes and cucumbers for the win, also loved their chocolate shake. learned to eat potato pancakes with apple sauce, feels "cultured" now)

Avoid food court chowda even if you're starving. Avoid convention sushi, it'll probably kill you (unless you're trying to lose weight?)
Sam Adams Brewery Tour. After chewing roasted barley, smelling hops, and listening to the tour guide talk about beer, we got three different samples. I liked the Boston Ale and Boston Lager. Previous night had Winter (or was it white?) and thought it was ok. We also got free Sam Adams glasses to add to our glassware collection, pretty cool. The guide also told us the 5 steps of tasting a Sam Adams. Think wine tasting and you're not too far off. I like the idea of enjoying a fresh crisp beer slowly, as opposed to sucking down some cheap stuff. Anyway, totally worth it for the beer. We even went to a store they recommended to get a few variety packs. One thing I have to say though, Boston cards too much. We're not criminals or underage! geesh.

Blue Moon Winter Ale "Full Moon" on tap was amazing. As I wikied blue moon I realized that it's actually owned by Coors?! Now I feel dirty. It still tastes great though, no matter who owns it. I'd also like to try the other Blue Moon varieties such as spring and summer ale. Harpoon IPA was ok I think. Yay for reasonable priced beer on tap though in Boston though. This makes up the fact that so many places closes at 10pm and we had to go 2 or 3 places before finding food. and they didn't have jalapeƱo poppers...only a "spicy" wing which was "mild". sigh.

Atlantic Fish Seafood Restaurant was excellent. It made our Boston seafood experience rather memorable. Can't believe it took until lunch on our last day to figure out seafood.
Drinks: dry gin martini with lemon twist, Bellini, and Scotch. you figure out who had what.
Starters: oysters (some raspberry kind with sweet finish from PEI), ahi tuna (looked good, I didn't sample this), clam chowda (not too creamy like other places, which is great).
Food: Tuna (bah overcooked), Mahi Mahi (light), some kind of burger (maybe not really a dish at a seafood joint? how dare they give bad pickle and onion with it!? miss NYC burgers that are more like $10+ with "organic" pickles and lettuce and heirloom tomatoes or something)
Dessert: Chocolate cake, Apple Pie with ice cream. I of course combined a bit of chocolate with ice cream from the other plate. Just heavenly =)
p.s. we didn't leave this place until around 4pm which almost meant we were fined for parking too long at the hotel valet.

Pourhouse Steak Tips were nice. we liked their mashed potatoes too. My chicken sandwich was so so but since it was so cheap I didn't care that much. The place was so cold though since the door kept on opening and closing. Why doesn't everyone just get the temporary room thing outside their place like NYC? This way the cold wind/air stays in the temporary room and does not bother the inside.

Chinatown China Pearl was a pretty place for dim sum I thought. Loved their tripe and rice noodle beef things. And of course the coconut jelly.

I think that about rounds up the places I've eaten so I can look back on this list next time for reference. The convention was a tad crazy and the line for our badges took 3-4 hours. not sure if I want to come back, but may change my mind next year, who knows. I do love Boston though, even if we missed the touristy sightseeing (unless you count Sam Adams?) Back Bay is a pretty neighborhood. Next time I shall walk around more.


jplotkin said...

Hi,as im typing this i found out i had juice all over me cause the bottle broke, ugh.

Harpoon IPA was really good I may buy a case one of these days. I think you're to hard on pourhouse. its a college bar with large amounts of reasonably priced microbrews on tap with cheap decent food and good deals in a pretty expensive part of Boston. Im sorry you were cold though. Second on the con sushi that stuff made me wretch.

oh the hotel starbucks was thoroughly disappointing almost as much as the general lack of starbucks in boston.

oms/b was disappointing cause we went there in between shifts next time try earlier or later.

Im slightly disappointed i missed out on pocky, oh well.

Stargazer said...

OOh, I have to try some plum rice balls, they sound mighty good!