Thursday, October 18, 2007

More Food Round Ups

Nick & Toni's
100 W 67th St

I miss the midtown/uptown restaurants that always seem to manage crowd and not be too loud. Some days I hate shouting across the table when having dinner in the city. Kudos to Suhxie for doing research for post-opera food. I had been too careless, but hey, I provided the entertainment, and she gladly found this place for us when we were both starving after attending the outdoor Plazacast of Lucia de Lammermore.

It's been a while since we dined there. I only dug out their business card today while organizing my room. I remember loving the attention we got since the restaurant was practically closing down for the night and we were perhaps the only people there. I think Suhxie got some pasta thing that was really yummy. I had either a soup or salad or both. The bread and olive oil was also good. Carb fest was definitely needed.

The other day I realized just how lazy I am getting when it comes to researching for food. I guess I just feel uninspired lately. I'm more interesting in finding good recipes and actually sitting down to make them. Made winter melon soup again last weekend. I never get sick of that stuff. There's something quite magical about cantonese style soups that are cooked in claypots with only a spoonful of salt. You don't need to overdo the spice, the slow cooking process brings out the natural flavors of the wintermelon and meats. Ginger is key for them.

Pershing Square
90 E. 42nd St (across from Grand Central Terminal)
review in ny mag

I found this place totally by accident. I had researched food and given up last weekend when I finally decided to just go for a random restaurant in Grand Central. Of course, when I got there, the bartender told me they were only open for drinks, the kitchen is closed for Sunday. Angry that my research and plan had been ruined, I walked out of the Grand Central and looked far down the street to see if I could spot anything. I saw quite a few fast food joints which made me shudder. and since I was too lazy to walk and explore more, I decided to go across the street and check out Pershing Square.

The decor and service immediately got an A in my book when the hostess showed us to a booth. What a beautiful place it was too. The chicken pot pie arrived rather quickly. It was delicious. The filling inside went great with the bread they served us. My two friends ordered salads. Yes, if you know me, I did indeed roll my eyes a little bit. I got the better deal by far.

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