Friday, September 14, 2007

Les Halles X2

follow-up visit. See link for first visit.

I need to try more restaurants. I'm already not too crazy about the food here, maybe it's the heavy butter? or the less than impressive desserts? I want more foreign foods like Greek, German, or maybe even Middle Eastern! or maybe even this Korean restaurant called Kunjip I saw on Gothamist. Check out the photo menu on that website. Delicious! I know, I'm a sucker for pretty food photos and painstaking arranged dishes. Presentation is important!

frisee salad with bacon. yay for bacon trying to make salads tastier (and more unhealthy).

The Billi-bi mussels were amazing. Saffron, cream, and vermouth makes for quite a nice broth in which the mussels were cooked. I almost drank the broth although the greasy factor stopped me. Came in generous portion in huge metal pot. I enjoyed the french fries as well that came as a side. Not sure it was necessarily a good replacement for my daily starch intake though.

The steak flatiron with bearnaise Bob ordered was fine. I have yet to try the French classic Steak and Fries. maybe next time when I forget how great Peter Lugar tastes, I'll order one. Since I just had Lugar steak last weekend, I decided to pass. For the record, K. has successfully convinced me that the "rare" at Lugar's is actually not that "rare". In fact, the medium rare steak that Bob and I shared was almost a bit too charred for me. Go figure. I blame it on K. feeding me rare steak for the past year. How does one argue with the gourmet K. anyway? Just suck it up and deal with it. Blah.

T. had warned me that the desserts were so-so. I mean, they're not bad, they're just not that impressive compared to the quality of the dinner. Bob ordered a tart thing that was fine, but again, not oh-my-God-amazing. I had a creme brulee but thought the order was large enough for 3 people. The sugar coating was good though. I think overall I'm still more of a egg tart fan. Or specifically, Portuguese styled egg tart found throughout Shanghai. I miss those vendor carts.

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