Thursday, August 09, 2007

Les Halles Downtown NY

15 John St. (between Broadway and Nassua, not too far from WTC PATH)

Recommend by T. while we scrambled to figure out dinner options. I'm glad she had something mind since I am awfully indecisive and love to explore new foods.

I suppose we should have ordered wine but we weren't eating heavy dinner and the beer would have been too strange and they just happened to be overpriced too. so on to mixed drinks.
//after eight martini// absolut vanilla, Godiva chocolate liqueur, green creme de menthe, cherry garnich. T. thought the mint was a bit overpowering. I agree with her on that. Besides, the chocolate was severely lacking, which was a shame.
//planteur cocktail// Mount Gay (rum), OJ, Grapefruit, Pineapple, Malibu (coconut rum), Grenadine, Orange Slice, Cherry. This screams girly drink but hey, I enjoyed every bit of it. Bring on the rum, I say!

//duck leg with truffle sauteed potatoes// crispy skin, very good spices, and to die for flesh. the potatoes were coupled with greens which was a good touch. yummy!
//beef tartare// T. ordered this and I sampled a small bit of it. I have to say it was quite tasty, even if the preparation process that took place next to our table alarmed me a bit. Raw beef and raw egg mixed with various seasonings. Very interesting indeed. I can probably do this in small quantities.

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