Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Grand Central

nobody told me that Grand Central had so many amazing shops, quick food, and produce market! I found a dozen pastry shops and a bakery or two with olive loaf (fav!)

The architecture itself is enough reason for a visit. I would recommend visiting after evening rush hour so you can stare at the wall/lights/ceiling and not be ran over by commuters (this happened to me a few months ago on a Friday evening rush hour visit).

If you've seen Madagascar, you'll see why the movie featured this station and not say, Penn Station. The old Penn Station was gorgeous, as you can see from photos and books at the transit museum.

The transit museum is more shop than museum. But who has time to go to Brooklyn for the big museum? I certainly don't. The shop carries creative and crazy souvenirs (from subway art tiles to Metrocard playing cards)

I visited the chili bar which served up a number of chili in meat, poultry, and vegetarian contents. I got the 3 bean (vegetarian chili) with jalapeƱos as the topping. It tasted better with jalapeƱos and the olive bread I had just acquired. Their corn muffin that comes with the chili is delicious too, but I'm not sure if it would go as well with chili. I just ate it on another occasion. Some of the other food court places include: Ciao Bella sorbet, Brooklyn Juniors, Chinese food, Japanese food, Indian food, Greek food, and others. Needless to say I will probably come back. This reminds me so much of Union Square food court which was quite nice as well.

on a random note, anyone else find it funny that Metro North track entrances are lined with people selling alcohol? Clearly Conn. commuters are much more interesting than NJ/Long Islanders.

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Michelle said...

so glad to finally figure out who you are! it took going back to your early posts to connect georgetown with you. i was searching my brain to think of who i knew in new york that didn't know i had gone to europe.

congrats on finishing school. you should send me an email updating me.

wow, you definitely are a food and fun connoisseur for the city.

it's funny because i was just trying to think of "smart friends" that i had in middle school. i totally forgot about you! =)

so what is this azulet thing?