Thursday, August 30, 2007

blackberry yogurt parfait

a delicious snack or breakfast

-2 cups of yogurt.
-cheerios, or granola, cereal of your choice
-spoonful of honey, to taste
-almonds, or other nut of choice
-a handful of blackberries

1. scoop yogurt out of cups, leave out the nasty fruit on the bottom. Plain yogurt works perfectly for this. but atlas, I did not have plain yogurt at the time. For presentation sake, don't smudge the glass with yogurt.
2. place cheerios/cereal/granola on top. make sure they don't sink into the yogurt
3. swirl some honey on top
4. finish with blackberries
5. You can eat it by mixing or by layers. or both.

This parfait is dedicated to A., a friend who is currently abroad. I wish her the best. She was rather obsessed with yogurt parfaits, and can you blame her? I thought my creation was even better than the caf where she gets hers from. the reason? the caf really skims on the yogurt and puts double the amount of granola that I would have liked. With my own parfait, I can add more yogurt and less granola. More fruit too. Yay! Oh yea, I didn't have a prettier glass container. and I didn't have any cherries or mint leaves for garnish. Clearly I need to invest in more glassware so I can present tastier photos.

side note about yogurt
Fage yogurt with honey is heavenly. I suggest you all look hard in your local supermarkets/grocery stores. If you can't find it, I'll personally take you and buy them in NYC. God I love NYC for having yogurt that tastes half-way decent. I miss those Shanghai days where I had a yogurt daily. Asian yogurts taste so much better, I don't care what other people here say.

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