Thursday, April 26, 2007

watermelon 2007

First watermelon of the year was a dark green skinned beauty. I have to admit I didn't have to look very hard because the stack of watermelons were all very good. I just picked one off of the top. It's the rounded variety rather than the long oval kind. The inside is red and very sweet and seedless.

I don't know where I can get a seeded watermelon nowadays. I used to complain that seedless watermelons just don't taste as good. Now it seems that I don't have a choice, stores don't carry seeded watermelons anymore.

Many people who know me probably have had a watermelon experience at some point, especially in the summer. We'd go to the store, buy a watermelon, cut the whole thing open, and just sit and eat and chat. It's one of my favorite things to do.

I've been told that some people like to dip their watermelon slices in sugar or salt, or even spike it with vodka. Unfortunately I like the regular taste too much. I don't even care for over-iced watermelon, to tell you the truth. Obviously if I can't finish the whole thing I'll wrap the rest and place in fridge but I'm definitely more likely to enjoy it right after I buy it. No need to wait a day for it to ice before eating. I also know people who have to have their watermelon cut into neat cubes, and eat those cubes with a fork. I prefer two ways, both are easier than the cube cutting:
1. party style: cut it into wedges, serve to everyone.
2. party of two: cut watermelon in half, give one half to your buddy, and save one for yourself. Spoon and eat.

People tell me it is hard to finish half of a watermelon. Actually, it's really just water, you'd be surprised how quickly you'll reach the bottom.

Party on with watermelon. Happy summer everyone!

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