Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Pepper Steak

Pepper steak is one of those dishes that I love to get from Panda Express or other Chinese take-out for lunch. My parents never make it because we tend to have more pork than beef in the family fridge. I've made it a few times on my own and here's the recipe.

-beef (6 oz.? I'm not good with measuring such things)
-2 tsp corn starch
-1/2 tbsp cooking wine
-1 bell pepper
-cooking oil
-pinch salt
-2 tsp soy sauce
-1 tsp or so of five spice powder (fennel seeds, star anise, ginger, cloves, cinnamon)

1. slice beef into about 2 inch long pieces. Width and thickness depends on your liking. Remember beef only needs to be cooked on the outside, so you don't have to worry about making the slices too thin.
2. marinate beef in cooking wine and coat with corn starch. Let sit for a bit. 5 min. or so? Use this time to cut peppers.
3. Cut peppers, take out seed.
4. Heat up cooking oil in pan.
5. Stir fry beef, add five spice powder if you want.
6. When outside of beef turns light, instead of looking bloody red, it's good to go.
7. Add peppers in with beef, stir fry.
8. Add salt and soy sauce.

I think Panda Express may use more salt and soy sauce since the peppers in my dish don't taste very salty at all. They may also use MSG which I didn't. You can always add some chicken stock to the stir fry near the end. It works wonders. Watch out for starch when you throw in the beef. If you don't move the beef around often, they'll stick and mess up your pan. Just be mindful of it. The wine and starch marinating part should not be skipped! This part makes the beef soft and tasty.

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Azrael said...

Reading this makes me want to skip classes and try out your recipe. ;_; Marinated meats are a marvel!