Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Asian food around school: Ollies, Swish, and Cottage


Ollies (2957 Broadway at 116th St.)
  • I heard good and bad things about the noodles here. Haven't tried yet though.
  • good eggplants.
  • Edit: Amazing eggplants, just don't get them with pork (so salty...).
Cafe Swish (2953-55 Broadway at 116th St. )
  • I've ordered enough lunch specials here to tell you it's good stuff.
  • skip on the taro bubble tea. way too sweet.
  • Thai styled veggie lunch special is tasty, for days when eating meat makes me aggressive.
  • bento lunchboxes include big portions. watch out! I liked the tempura bento.
  • supposedly there's hotpot or fondue thing...
  • Hot and Spicy Udon is really spicy. I couldn't finish the soup because it nearly killed me.


Columbia Cottage (1034 Amsterdam Ave at 111th St.)
  • Dongpo Pork (sweet and delicious)
  • The take out is ok but dine in tastes better.
  • Avoid the xiaolongbao there if you've had the real thing in China or Flushing.

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Wendy said...

hey! it's funny because the regular chicken udon is a little bland, haha, mix them together!