Sunday, October 08, 2006

Le Monde, Nachos, and Shanghai Tide

Le Monde

genre: French

location: a block or two south of Columbia on Broadway.

decor: photos, mood decor.

food: small portioned and A+ on presentation.

I ordered a trio avocado appetizer for the table which turned out to be too much avocado to bear. and I'm an avocado lover! So don't order if unless you have enough people in the crowd who enjoy avocados. Mushroom ravioli was amazing, like most mushroom dishes at restaurants.

drink: I tried some crazy Belgian import beer that was 11% alcohol and spiced with stuff. Interesting, but not worth the price. Just stick with regular wine or water, I'd say.

Nacho's Kitchen

genre: Mexican

location: a block or two south of Columbia on Broadway.

decor: I like the colored walls as well as the light made from buckets.

food: huge portions. watch out!

drink: reasonably priced. I enjoyed the sangria although it lacked a kick.

Shanghai Tide Restaurant
genre: shanghainese

location: on 40th Rd. near Main St. in Flushing. Down the same road as the entrance to LIRR (west direction). Look for the Shanghai restaurant with xiaolongbao special and all-you-can eat hotpot special.

decor: way too many photos. but nice photos nonetheless. tables were covered with checkered tablecloth. friends suspect it used to be an Italian place. but in Flushing?

food: xiaolongbao special=win. "Mr.Shu's Pork" or Dongpuo Rou is amazing, maybe slightly big on the portion size though. The four of us didn't even finish it. sweet, juicy, glistening, and melts in your mouth. Another winner is the crystal shrimp dish. Light and very refreshing. Maybe the portion is a bit big though.

drink: tea, it tastes like it could be barley. or really bland Oolong. who knows?

all you can eat hot-pot: stick with beef, lamb, veggies, and maybe rice noodles. Frozen tofu not impressive, will try soft tofu next time. also includes unlimited beers and soda. Try a Macao, it's quite light.

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