Friday, April 28, 2006

candy and other sweet things

sweet tooth tingling. analyze this how you will.

my favorites (okay, more like...everything I love):
-any kind of hard candy, fruit flavor, nips caramel, lemon drops, lavendar drops, cinnamon flavored, etc.
-any kind of taffy chews
-chocolate. dark dark dark kind. although everything is good. from hershey's to godiva to kit-kats to lindt balls to good! not so much a fan of chocolate with nuts or other ingredients. I'm a purist, I don't want other stuff to get in the way of my chocolate. although baileys or other liquor mixed in is quite nice. reese's peanut butter cups are good. pile on the peanut butter!
-gum like big red , everything except winterfresh (too blue) and fruit flavored ones (lose flavor too quickly)
-mints, candy canes, altoids, tic-tacs, etc. especially chocolate covered mint stuff. although Yorks are too intense. but more along the lines of limited hershey mint chocolate kisses.
-lollypops, especially the cool flavored ones
-rum balls...ah I miss those so much from the islands.
-ginger stuff like dried candied ginger and ginger flavored hard candy. not the altoids though.

what I'm not too excited about:
-jelly beans..not so much. I like the various outer coatings from jellybelly flavors. but my teeth have trouble dealing with the sticky insides.
-raisins...not really candies and I'm not a fan of the texture. although coat it with enough chocolate and I may eat it.
-gummies...I used like it, not so much anymore.
-m&ms...the only chocolate I may occassionaly say no to. Not sure why, I think because the candy shell is too crunchy. same goes for reese's pieces (the candy shell kind)
-dried fruits...too sweet. I rather have fresh fruits.

Remember kids, candies are good for you, in small amounts (less than a bag a day). Always brush your teeth at night and in the morning! Binging is a crime against candies and your teeth!

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