Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Quick noodles

Over the Chinese New Year weekend, I had originally wanted to make noodles from scratch. But once I found noodles from China Block, I decided to skip the idea all together.

Here's a simple and quick soup noodle recipe. You can use any kind of noodle for this, just follow the cooking instructions on your noodle package to avoid over/under cooking noodles. I had used a thin noodle so it didn't take very long.

  • noodle
  • chicken broth (as many cans as needed)
  • water (optional, I used this to dillute the real salty broth)
  • ginger (fresh or powder)
  • scallion (chopped up to small bits)
  • garlic (optional)
  • cilantro (cut into small sections)
  • seseme oil

  1. Cook the noodle, drain out the water, set aside.
  2. Make the soup in a pot, adding broth, water, and all the fresh herbs and spices into it. Do not add scallion or cilantro until you have a boiling soup, since those ingredients tend to overcook.
  3. Serve soup in bowls, adding a bit of noodle and seseme oil in each.
  4. sprinkle chopped scallion and cilantro for effect and freshness. Or you can put the chopped scallion and cilantro pieces in a small serving dish for your guests to add on their own.
  5. Enjoy the food!

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